Automated Money-Making Website: Why Will I Never Recommend It?

While many are eager to find ways to print cash online using all possible means including the popular automated money making website, I will do my best to steer clear of such an offer. The temptation to automate and make money is very strong, but I prefer to have both feet on the ground. That means I choose to work hard to generate income online.
And I also find it safer.
A few years ago, I used a simple website template that I customize with free software to make it unique to promote my offer. It used to be called a mini site and my idea was to create a direct response offer.
It was as simple as possible.
But as the web and its technology advance, many smart people are beginning to find a sophisticated solution to the simple desire of website building, content creation, and promotion. From the use of customizable templates to the use of motivation blogs, many solutions have been developed to meet the demand of this market.
And the buy-in is overwhelming every time a solution is released. This is understandable because the target is the hot spots of human emotion: greed and laziness.
Most people are lazy to make the effort to build and customize a site. They somehow lose gas to promote it and achieve the desired response, and are too lazy to test and tweak to find out what will produce the best result.
Also, people don’t want others to make all the profits while they sit still and watch the parade go by. They want a piece of the action and this is driven primarily by greed. In short, almost everyone could not resist the temptation to create a website that continues to print money with little or no effort. Any automated system will take care of everything they need to do. Everything looks good and smooth, right? It probably is, until the search engines change their algorithm.
And lately, they have been known to make changes quite frequently. Now, if webmasters who adapt to these changes manually still have trouble straightening things out, what guarantee does automation offer to protect them from being affected? I have a great doubt in this area and for this reason alone I prefer to stay away from having an automated website to make money in my hands.
And I suggest you do it too. If I have a choice between search engines and people, I choose people as a benchmark to measure the success of my website. After all, I often find automated websites boring and lifeless.