Medical Tunics Make a Stand Against Superbugs

The unpleasant truth is that these bacteria can be harboured on therapy uniforms & medical tunics, sometimes even breeding on fabric, so even if you were to wear protective clothing on top of your medical tunic you cannot be sure that there wont already be contamination present on both garments.

And as a person who works in one of the most demanding and exhausting professions there is, it isn’t really a practical solution to launder you uniform at high temperatures after every single shift. However help is at hand. You can now buy hospital scrubs, medical tunics and nurses uniforms in special anti-bacterial treated fabrics, specifically designed to prevent the spread of diseases such as E Coli.

Previously, if you were to buy a garment made from an ‘intelligent fabric’ you could expect to wave goodbye to comfort. But today’s anti-bacterial fabrics are created using soft touch 50/50 polyester cotton to provide the maximum amount of freedom of movement possible. Crunchy, chemically treated material has no place in today’s modern health care environment. Getting the right fit is 冷凍溶脂邊間好 also a priority, and thanks to clever action backs and moveable concealed fastenings you can get a perfectly fitting medical tunic that flatters, fits in all the right places and at the same time prevents the spread of life threatening diseases.

And there’s more to the medical tunic than the traditional white or navy. You can choose from almost every colour under the sun for your therapy uniform, with gorgeous bright shades like hot pink, teal and light olive to name just a few. There’s lots of designs and styles available too. Along with the classic medical tunic, there’s fitted dresses, flattering trousers and skirts as well as a practical selection of unisex styles. You could even opt to have your hospital or health care establishment logo and branding printed onto your medical tunic for a truly professional, friendly and contemporary twist on the traditional medical look. Because these garments offer a barrier to the spread of bacteria it means less frequent home laundering. However when it is time to wash your uniforms they are easy to care for and can be washed at very high temperatures with no loss of anti-bac protection whatsoever.