Mobile Phone Fax Machine 2140

Although the fax machine becomes a relatively long technology, they continue to prove themselves as one of the most useful and innovative office equipment ever made. For those who do not know, these machines allow you to enter documents and then send them to other people who have a fax machine. It works the same way that the scanner will if you send a scanned can you fax from your computer document in an email. Fax machines are faster because they work in just a few seconds and allow you to send documents in sequence. As long as other people have a fax machine, you can send them unlimited documents, given they have enough paper and ink to print documents.

When these machines were first discovered, they were one of the most revolutionary technology other than the computer itself. People no longer have to wait three days just to send important documents for simple signatures – just fax, ask them to sign it and send a fax back, thus the power of the fax machine. While we have come a long way since the first fax machine, many businesses and offices still rely on them because computer scanning and email is still in growth.

HP 2140 is equivalent to Mercedes edit my PDF documents Benz from a fax machine – it has almost every feature you can need, and then some. When you buy a cellphone 2140, you receive the main machine, black inkjet cartridge 3 ml, user guide, setup poster, telephone cable and of course the power cable.

Below are some features of this great model:

Display the default copier for actual two-in-one engines
One-touch button access to the tool, setting options and output reports
Automatic redial, the ability to store 100 speed calls, 20 calls one touch and other forms of reporting management
50 sheet paper trays
Reduction / enlarged image from 50% to 150%
Up to 200×200 DPI level in Grayscale
Fax forwarding, deletable fax shipping, automatic fax reduction, fax broadcasting, and automatic recovery
Small size so it won’t take up a lot of office space – weighs only 5.5 pounds and 9.1 inches, 14 inches wide and as high as 4.6 inches
As for the technical specifics for HP free esign services 2140, it has a 14.4 Kbps modem, 200 pages memory, 100 speed calls and 20 broadcast locations, including 15 pages of ADF (automatic document feeder) and use HP 701 ink cartridges for easy use and super high quality.

After reviewing the big list of features you receive with this machine, many people tend to give machine prices at more than $ 100. In fact, this particular model is valued at only $ 63, which includes ink cartridges, power cables, and telephone cables, which are values $ 30 in and from himself. Also remember, when you order this fax machine, you also receive a copier and scanner, which by itself is worth more than $ 100.